Nate Diaz Wants the Matt Brown Fight

By Kevin Davidson
Matt Brown
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

For those of you who don’t know, Matt Brown just destroyed Erick Silva, and with that win, has seriously jumped up the ladder of title contenders. While Brown is not the number one contender, he is clearly one big fight away from challenging for the belt. Right after the win, MMA boards everywhere exploded about who Brown should fight next and one name stuck out: Nick Diaz.

Diaz would be the perfect opponent for Brown as well as the perfect fight for Diaz to come out of retirement for. Brown even said that he would love that fight, but Diaz has remained quiet. Then, earlier this week, Nate Diaz said that he would fight Brown. I almost flipped my table when I read that Nate wanted the fight. Brown and Nate would attack each other at all times; it has potential to be fight of the year. While this fight would do practically nothing for Brown’s ranking, it is a big fight against a popular opponent.

The only “X” factor in this fight is Nate Diaz’s weak record at Welterweight. Diaz has a huge advantage in fighting in the Lightweight division as he is a tall, lanky, fighter; however, when he is sized up against the bigger guys in the Welterweight division, he is smaller and not as physically strong. Either way, I think that this is a dynamite fight because it could put either fighter in a contender’s fight, and seeing how both fighters are getting more popular by the day, we can expect this to be a popular fight.

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