There Is A Storm Brewing In The UFC’s Featherweight Division

By Kevin Davidson


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Oh boy, oh boy. I love it when a division starts to get rich with talent and everyone is in a run to get a title shot. Right now, Jose Aldo has a firm grasp around the Featherweight belt. He has run through a who’s who of the division at least once, but now, all of those guys are coming back around. Oh, and those guys are seriously improved. Right now, Aldo is set to square off against Chad Mendes for a second time and Mendes is a way better fighter than the first time he met Aldo. That is the number one fight to keep your eyes on since there could be a changing of the guards, so to speak.

As interesting as the championship fight is, it is what is happening to get a championship fight that makes the division really exciting. Cole Miller is fighting Conor McGregor which could very well put one of those guys just a fight away from a championship fight. Not to mention, there is some serious hostility between those two, so get ready to see an excellent fight. Right now, those are the two fights that everyone is focusing on because they are the most exciting; but there is a dark horse that is gaining ground and fast.

Cub Swanson is meeting Jeremy Stephens in a main event, potential five-round fight. Swanson and Stephens have both been on tears, knocking out at least one top-ten opponent in their respective streaks. This, in my opinion, is the fight to watch. While Miller versus McGregor is a fun bout, neither of those guys are on the experience level, or skill level, that Stephens and Swanson are. I don’t think that it would be farfetched to think that the winners of those fights will meet for a potential number one contender’s bout. Also, with the return of Chan Sung Jung imminent, the Featherweight division has turned into a shark tank.

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