MMA Coach Mike Winkeljohn Tells UFC's Jon Jones to Have Fun

By Luke Schmaltz
Jon Jones
Tom Szczerbowski – USA TODAY Sports

The reigning light heavyweight champion of the UFC has a different concept of fun than that of the average citizen.

Jon Jones might enjoy an afternoon on the Xbox or perhaps a game of Frisbee in the park, but on the good time scale those things are small potatoes. Jones finds his big thrills elbowing Rashad Evans unconscious, kicking Alexander Gustafsson‘s knees trying to make them bend the wrong way and occasionally ripping the flesh off his own big toe submitting Chael Sonnen.

When his coach Mike Winkeljohn of Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, NM tells Jones to “go have fun”, it’s not like a father telling his kid to go climb on the monkey bars. What he means is that the Octagon awaits, and smashing faces, hyper extending joints and breaking bones is now legal, expected and compensated well for.

Jones’ career is at a pinnacle with no end in sight. As everybody knows, however, eventually the champion either gets knocked off the mountain or graciously steps down, having defended his title for long enough. The way Jones is going it may end up being the latter as he has raised the altitude at the peak to a new elevation.

Jones should be able to abide by the encouraging words of his coach and have plenty of “fun” with the cast of beasts looking to take over his throne. He will find joy in jacking up Gustafsson, perhaps even on foreign soil in front of a Swedish crowd. He will be ecstatic stomping on Daniel Cormier, sending the overconfident contender back to the sandwich board. Jones will make trash talk refuse out of Phil Davis, withdrawal drug detritus out of Vitor Belfort and maybe even a testosterone deficient dung heap out of Dan Henderson.

There are many folks hoping one of those fellows, perhaps none more so than Hendo, finds the gumption to end Jones’ fun streak and send him back to the playground. Hope you’re not out on the swings that day.

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