Daniel Cormier Needs One More Fight Before Title Fight

By Kevin Davidson
Daniel Cormier
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Daniel Cormier still has a lot to prove to the mixed martial arts community, for some weird reason, but he is one step closer after the dominating performance he put on against Dan Henderson. Cormier threw Henderson through the air like he was juggling an apple. It was such an insane sight; one could not help but wonder how he would stack up against Jon Jones. Dana White did say that Cormier is definitely next, but he does not want Cormier to wait for that Jones fight, and since White usually gets what he wants, who could be next for Cormier?

I think that Rashad Evans would definitely make the most sense. Evans is a perennial contender and a win over Evans would not only add another quality name to Cormier’s’ resume, but it would be a big fight that would give Cormier more press. This bout was supposed to happen, so I say let’s see it. It would also be great to see how Evans’ wrestling would stack up against Cormier.

If the Evans fight does not pan out, I think that a bout with Anthony Johnson makes a lot of sense. Johnson is fresh off a huge win over Phil Davis and jumped at least three spots in the rankings. A win for Johnson would probably garner him a title shot and a win for Cormier would mean he beat a versatile striker. This fight would probably make Cormier stand a strike for a little while too, so that would be a great fight to watch and see how his stand up is.

Cormier needs at least one more fight, and needs to win that fight, to get to Jones. I hope that it is against a notable opponent, and one that will make Cormier fight a different type of fight.

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