Floyd Mayweather has Memorable Memorial Day Weekend With Rapper Encounter

By Jack Delaney
Floyd Mayweather Fights T.I.
Getty Images

Boxer Floyd Mayweather is known for winning and makings lots of money, but his latest fight was outside of the ring this weekend with T.I. the rapper.

The incident reportedly took place at Goodburger in Las Vegas where T.I., real name Clifford Harris Jr., confronted Mayweather for hanging out with his wife. Much like Donald Sterling, the rapper was supposedly mad when his wife posted a picture on Instagram of herself hanging out with the boxer’s daughter. Although the altercation started off with profane words, it escalated quickly.

Before everything got out of hand, you can hear Mayweather tell T.I. to control his ***** and you start to hear Mayweather say something along the lines that T.I. should not be mad at him. That is when the video breaks off from the verbal incident, and the confrontation gets physical as chairs are being throwing and the crowd inside has no idea how to respond.

Rapper 50 Cent released a satirical response to the situation, and he pretended to tell the boxer that it doesn’t matter how good his uppercut is if guns are involved. Luckily things didn’t go that far, and hopefully cooler heads can prevail in trying to squash this beef that has most likely just been blown out of proportion.

Once again, the incident is almost exactly the same as Sterling getting jealous and offended when his girlfriend posted pictures of herself with other people. Granted, the incident revolved around racism and didn’t result in violence, but the jealousy aspect and people getting into the ears of each of these men is the root behind the confrontations.

Luckily it appears that only one person had a minor injury, but posting pictures on the internet with other people currently seems to be poor decision for women connected to powerful men.

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