Jamie Varner Needs One More Shot to Prove Himself

By Kevin Davidson
Jamie Varner
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Jamie Varner has really had a stroke of bad luck as of late. First he gets in a barn-burner with Abel Trujillo and ends up getting caught clean and knocked out. It was just a bad punch that he left himself open for, and that stinks. Now he breaks his ankle against James Krause in the first round. It was an absolute sin to watch as Varner unable walk but still trying to land bombs on Krause. It was a great showing of heart from Varner. He even managed a take down which is insane with a broken ankle, but it was the exact opposite of what he needed.

Not too long ago, Varner found himself of a career renaissance of sorts. He was showing up to fights looking and feeling great and ready to put on wars. His popularity was rising and everything was looking good. Then of course he started to lose. Even though his losses were just as thrilling as his victories, a loss is still a loss and too many of those losses will get you right out of the UFC. This most recent loss, although a technicality, still looks bad.

Will Varner still have a job with the UFC on Monday? I think so. It was a bad loss but one that wasn’t caused by his opponent. These accidents happen, and the fight was well on its way to being a good one. I think that Varner is definitely on a short leash, but he should get at least one more fight to try and get a win.

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