Renan Barao Is In Big Trouble

By Kevin Davidson
Renan Barao
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Uh-oh. Renan Barao made a big mistake.

Let’s start from the beginning before we get into what that mistake was. UFC 173 was a hard fight to promote. The headlining fight of the card, which was the Bantamweight Championship, was a bout between TJ Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao. Leading up to this fight, every one that was employed was singing a weird tune, and one that really didn’t make that much sense. The tune was that Barao was the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Yikes, I highly doubt that, but you got to do what you got do to promote a fight.

They were saying this because Barao is not a great fight promoter, nor a good personality. Basically, he is a very unpopular fighter, despite being the champion. This was all well and good though, and I think the UFC gave him a little slack because, after all, he was the champion.

That was then, this is now. Dillashaw destroyed Barao in their fight last night, and well, that was Barao’s big mistake. Now, the rules are going to change. Barao will no longer have the good graces of the UFC. No one that I know of is clamoring for a re-match because no one really is interested in Barao.

Barao will now have to start opening up to the cameras. He will have to embrace the media and start to make a name for himself. Barao is undoubtedly the second-best Bantamweight, so him putting together a winning streak is not that hard to imagine. But if you look at the past, it took Jon Fitch seven fights to get a title shot because he wasn’t popular. He needs to open up and get some attention on himself. If he does not, that title shot is going to happen, but it will be a long ways away.

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