Robbie Lawler is Ready for Another Title Shot

By Kevin Davidson
Robbie Lawler
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever Robbie Lawler is doing, I really hope he continues to do it. Lawler absolutely destroyed Jake Ellenberger last night; possibly putting him back into a rematch with Johny Hendricks. Ellenberger is a fighter who was supposed to be a great fighter, but he has never won that fight that would put him into the elite of the division, and I don’t think he ever will. I just needed to say that. Back to the actual content.

The weird thing about this fight was that we really didn’t see any improvement from Lawler. Nothing really jumped out at us that made us go “Wow! Look at that!” Lawler simply does what Lawler does best; put the pressure on and throw punches as hard as you can. This game plan, while extremely simple, absolutely breaks people. The other scary thing about this game plan is that it draws his opponents into a firefight, which most guys are hesitant to do. Lawler, on the other hand, loves to be in a firefight because he knows he can out-tough the other guy. You know what is really weird about this? It works.

What’s next for Lawler? I say let’s give him another shot at Hendricks. The first fight was an absolute war and I want to see it again. This time, however, I really think that there will be a finish. The last fight was a little too close for comfort for both fighters, so I think that both guys will be swinging for the fences. Oh, there will be another change also; Lawler is going to win.

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