Little Kid Boxing/MMA Video is Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

By RantSports Staff

Did you see that?! No, we unfortunately don’t know who this kid is, but he’s caught the attention of Austin Trout, former WBA champion. While most of the video features the kid throwing punches and jabs that would make any grown professional blush, he also throws in some kicks to suggest he’s getting ready for more than just boxing.

Put simply, if they had boxing and/or MMA for kids, we’d bet on this guy every time he took the ring. Just guessing, we’d say he’s six years old — eight at the most. At the rate he’s going, can you imagine how good he’ll be by the time he’s old enough to actually fight?

Everyone keeps saying boxing and MMA are dying sports, but with kid phenoms like this, that could quickly change, especially if more of them are discovered and they get publicity from notables like Trout.

Just watch the video: Not only is Tiny Mike (our impromptu nickname for the kid) throwing hard jabs, but he’s dodging them at full speed as well. The athleticism and concentration that takes is incredible and is better than most adults ever work up to in their entire lives/careers. Let’s revisit this guy in a few years because if he keeps going at this rate, he’ll be knocking folks smooth out.

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