Fight Game Hilarity: Vitor Belfort Replaces Wanderlei Silva at UFC 175

By Luke Schmaltz
Vitor Belfort
Tom Szczerbowski – USA TODAY Sports

Crack your knuckles in anticipation, here comes a good one: A Brazilian fighter with a past marked by failed drug tests replaces a Brazilian fighter who fails to take a drug test.

Vitor Belfort will step into the Octagon in place of countryman Wanderlei Silva to face Chael Sonnen at UFC 175. This deflates the anticipated “grudge” match — the validity of which was suspect to begin with. To add to the unfurling of the bid top backdrop and wave in the clown car, it was just announced that both light heavyweight fighters will be competing for … wait for it … a No. 1 middleweight division contender slot.

If anyone were to suggest that events in the fight game be managed without a mean-spirited logic tinged with hypocrisy, irony and contradiction, you can guarantee they would be laughed right out of the ring — or the three ring.

This sort of dull-headed pattern is rivaled only by the abominations of character seen in the world of politics, yet is somehow acceptable. After all these are entertainers not civic and social “leaders.” It can make you think that maybe behind the dead seriousness with which professional fighting is regarded, lies the mindset’s desire to break its own tension with lowbrow humor out of sheer human necessity.

In a recent interview, a retired boxer now in his golden years by the name of Jake LaMotta said, with a straight face, that MMA is ” … savage … out of control.” That’s coming from a man whose own habits of backhanding his sweetheart were actually underplayed in Martin Scorsese‘s depiction of the him in the film Raging Bull. When LaMotta finally saw the biopic he asked his wife: “Was I really that bad?” To which she replied: “No. You were worse.”

Tito Ortiz installed cameras in his home to make sure his wife Jenna Jameson was not up to no good. Whatever gave him that idea? Gee, she’s only stars in pornographic films. Ha ha ha. At one point in time not so very long ago, C-rated junkyard fighter Kimbo Slice was the face of MMA. Hee hee hee.

What’s next? Perhaps this: Clay “The Carpenter” Guida claims he invented hammerfists. Ho ho ho.

Never a dull moment in MMA.

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