Vitor Belfort Will Learn Special Skills From Jon Jones For UFC 175

By Luke Schmaltz
Jon Jones & Vitor Belfort
Tom Szczerbowski – USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort was submitted by Jon Jones when they last met at UFC 152 but apparently he didn’t take it too personally. Now he is asking for a bit of help.

Belfort was recently tapped to replace fellow Brazilian fighter Wanderlei Silva at UFC 175 against Chael Sonnen. The fact that the two countrymen have slippery issues when it comes to drug testing may not be the end of the coincidences.

Could it be that as a fellow Brazilian, Belfort shares the same desire as Silva to avenge the unsavory words Sonnen levied at their homeland? Belfort could be the reluctant hero who will fight for an entire nation in a campaign to silence Sonnen once and for all.

This could explain Belfort’s reaching out to UFC light heavyweight champion Jones for some training assistance. Jones’ skills are unparalleled, no doubt due in part to the superior training he endures at Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, NM.

At this point it is just speculation, but the idea conjures images of Jones teaching Belfort the secret torque and positioning of a spinning elbow that will effectively decimate the part of Sonnen’s neurology that controls speech. Perhaps Jones will impart subtle points onto Belfort about the rear naked choke, and how to administer the vice-like pressure in such a way that it dislocates the lower part of the American Gangster’s jaw.

Or better yet, Jones could be planning to show Belfort a new ground game play where he takes Sonnen’s left foot, stretches it across his back, over his right shoulder and straight down his throat.

Hopefully the biggest mouth in MMA knows how to say “I’m sorry” in Portuguese.

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