UFC's Jon Jones and Chris Weidman Must Align Against Chael Sonnen

By Luke Schmaltz
Chael Sonnen
Getty Images

The self aggrandizing megalomaniacal smugness of Chael Sonnen must be stopped before the smarmy hubris oozing from his poison grin turns MMA into just another laughable curiosity that was once cool.

Jon Jones and Chris Weidman are two warriors of the sport who are dedicated enough to the purity of true athletic competition to stand in the way of a pundit with a pair of gloves and a political agenda.

Sonnen made a play for the light-heavyweight belt at UFC 159 but was shut down hard by Jones. Now he is set to fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 175, and if he wins he could wind up with another title shot, but this time, inexplicably in the middleweight division. This would leave the task to Weidman to keep the filthy mitts of the American Gangster away from UFC gold.

Imagine if a vain, self-absorbed ego maniac with an acute case of entitlement were to suddenly be given more attention, camera time and undeserving accolades?

MMA fans who wish to avoid this at all costs must look to Weidman and Jones like citizens of Gotham city look to Batman and Robin. Forget about who represents who in the equation — it’s just a simile. The important part is that the two champions within the divisions where Sonnen oscillates must solemnly vow to defend their titles from the man who ignores the martial arts ideals of honor, respect and integrity.

A UFC title belt around the waist of this man will flush away all legitimacy of the sport and send MMA down the path of being the roided up loudmouth little brother of professional wrestling. Although all fights in the cage are one on one, an exception can be made: Weidman, you hold him and Jones, let him have all you got except the belt.

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