Antonio Silva and Josh Barnett Should Fight With as Many TRT Injections as They Can Handle

By Luke Schmaltz
Antonio Bigfoot Silva
Gary A. Vasquez – USA TODAY Sports

Suspension from the UFC has sidelined both Antonio Silva and Josh Barnett as of late. Another thing they have in common is a past marred by failed drug tests.

Barnett has not had an issue in some years, but “Bigfoot” Silva tested positive for heightened testosterone levels as recently as September 2013 after his UFC bout with Mark Hunt. The TRT issue has been a major concern after the practice was recently banned from legal use, creating roadblocks for fighters like Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort.

Retired UFC champion Georges St. Pierre has cited major concerns about covert juicing among fighters while others like Cris “Cyborg” Justino are anything but sneaky about it.

Since TRT is such a popular practice, the matter should be settled not by stirring the pot, but by bringing it to a boil while the cameras roll. The fight between Silva and Barnett should be made, then leading up to fight each guy should be administered a 400 mg injection of testosterone cypionate twice a week for a month.

If the kids want candy, then let them eat all they can until they retch.

Upon weigh ins, instead of one bald guy standing between two nicely coiffed fighters in the stare downs, there instead might be three smooth domed brutes on stage wondering who is who. It’s OK — Dana White will be the one in the middle.

Neither fighter will have a problem tipping the scales toward the higher end of the division range of 265 pounds. Official UFC fighting tops like the ones worn by Ronda Rousey might even have to be issued depending on how pronounced their breasts have become.

Once in the ring, Silva and Barnett will want to keep the fight standing up, as the TRT will have rendered their skin so oily that neither one will be able to grapple with the other. This frustration could potentially cause severe mood swings, prompting one or both fighters to storm off in a hissy fit.

A bad idea? Absolutely, and so is fighting with an unfair chemical advantage. Perhaps watching two bald, fat greasy guys with boobs having temper tantrums in the middle of a professional MMA fight will make everyone who thinks there are advantages to juicing reconsider.

You want to win? Put away the needle and hit the gym.

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