Matt Brown Needs to Outlast Robbie Lawler

By Kevin Davidson
Matt Brown
Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

For everyone wondering, yes, the fight of the year was just announced. Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown will be fighting for a shot at the title at UFC on FOX 12. Dreams do come true, fight fans. Obviously, I could not be more excited for this fight. Besides the obvious fact that this fight is going to be absolutely insane, I think that this is the perfect fight to determine a true No. 1 contender. Every fan knows that Brown has a case for a title shot, but he has yet to beat a true top-five opponent. He finds that qualification in Lawler, and Lawler probably just wants to fight again as soon as possible; he’s crazy.

Staring at this on paper, I could not help but think how much of a bad fight this is for Brown. Everything that Brown has, Lawler has in spades: striking acumen, power, ability to mix strikes, wrestling, etc. Then I thought of something that Brown takes as his main weapon: the ability to push the pace. Lawler does carry an amazing pace, but it is nothing like Brown’s. Brown comes out of the gate how most guys fight when they are down two rounds to none and have one minute to try and finish the fight.

Brown needs to set an incredibly high pace and weather the storm. If he is able to wear Lawler down, which is possible, then Brown can capitalize in the championship rounds and put Lawler away. Normally I would say that the probability of that happening is a long-shot, but we are not dealing with any regular fighter; we are dealing with the demon who is Brown. It can be done and I predict that it will.

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