Vitor Belfort Has Shot at Redemption

By Kevin Davidson
Vitor Belfort
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Just trying to follow the whole Chael SonnenWanderlei Silva fiasco is enough to make one stop caring — well, almost enough. All I know is that Sonnen called exactly what was going to happen, and we still have not heard a legitimate excuse from Silva. In my mind, Silva was juicing, and that kind of stinks. But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and I have to tell you, Vitor Belfort just stumbled upon a gold mine.

The original whipping boy for juicing in mixed martial arts somehow finds himself in a No. 1 contenders match against Sonnen. I have no idea how this happened or what person thought, “hey, maybe we should call Belfort over here and he should fight Sonnen.” Whoever did that is either a genius or will be fired the day after the fight happens. While this does give Belfort a chance to fight, and possibly win, clean, history shows us that this might not happen. I personally hope that Belfort does come back clean and he stays the same fighter. But I just don’t see both those things happening. In my mind, Belfort will come back but not be the same fighter. He’ll lose his tenacity, his gas tank and just overall aggressiveness. Or he’ll come back and absolutely destroy Sonnen only to then test positive for something.

It stinks that this is the way that I see it going down because I want to see Belfort as a threat to Chris Weidman. That fight would be awesome, but Belfort is just too wild and his will to win might make him search for ways to get an edge over his opponent. Belfort needs to realize that he has a ticket for redemption, and he needs to be clean to cash it in.

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