Benson Henderson’s Win Puts Him Farther into Limbo

By Kevin Davidson
Ben Henderson
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Well, I suppose that submitting Rustam Khabilov helped Benson Henderson out in some way. I mean, Henderson did his job, but now, the question is where does he go? Sorry for giving it away for those who don’t know, but Henderson looked amazing against Khabilov last night at UFC Fight Night 42. Khabilov came out extremely strong in Round 1, but Henderson was able to keep a pace that he wasn’t and it proved to be the deciding factor in the fight. So, in the end, Henderson got the job done, and he did it well. Now, he is in a trickier place than he was before the fight began.

Henderson, right now, is in a peculiar place in the divisions because he lost handily to the champion, Anthony Pettis, twice. The UFC is in no hurry to match them up for a third time because it seems that Pettis has Henderson’s number. So now, Dana White and company have a titanic gatekeeper to the title. That stinks. Right now, it would seem that no one should get a title shot without getting through Henderson, and last night’s performance only solidified that fact. To have a solid number-two guy in the division is usually a good thing. It makes title shots valid and that fight could serve as a Fight Night main event or a solid match up on a pay per view.

The only problem is that Henderson is good; I mean, really good. Henderson also has a tendency to let fights go down to the wire, leaving at least one fighter sour after the fight. This is why Henderson is in limbo, because no one is really good enough to demolish him, and if they do beat him, it is usually extremely controversial. I have no idea what to do with this gargantuan gatekeeper, but hopefully the UFC does.

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