Bryan Caraway Gets More Bad Press With Erik Perez Incident

By Kevin Davidson
Bryan Caraway
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Just when things were looking on the up and up for Bryan Caraway, tragedy strikes again. Last night at UFC Fight Night 42, Caraway turned in an excellent performance against Erik Perez. Caraway went into the fight already not ultra-popular with the fans. But I must say, I kind of fell for the dude. He is a good fighter, shows heart in his fights and constantly looks for a finish. With those types of qualities he should be a prospect or a fan favorite, but the thing that he is known for is being Meisha Tate’s boyfriend. That seriously stinks, to have all of your athletic ability downplayed because you date someone who is more famous.

All of the problems started when he was on the Ultimate Fighter. He was represented a little brotastic on that show and was seen as a complainer. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, and the producers can take any angle in the show and turn someone into a villain; that is just reality television there, so I figured I would give him a pass. Then once he got into the UFC, he threatened to beat up Rhonda Rousey, elbowed Cat Zingano in the back of the head and then fish-hooked Perez. For those of you who don’t know what a fish hook is, it is when a fighter sticks his, or her, fingers in his or her opponent’s mouth and literally tries to rip their cheek off. Not only is it dirty, but it is highly illegal.

Caraway said that he apologized for it after the fight and he and Perez are cool. That’s great and all, but the fans want his head on a stick. In a sport where popularity is absolutely pivotal, this is bad news for him. Caraway already came into this fight with some bad press, but this is about to take it to another level. The thing that Caraway needs to understand is that no matter if it is true or not, the fans will still believe whatever they want. Hire a publicist, kid. You are going to need one.

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