TJ Dillashaw Provoking Jose Aldo Doesn’t Bode Well

By Kevin Davidson
Jose Aldo
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

TJ Dillashaw and Team Alpha Male just ticked off the one guy who has continually been their kryptonite in Jose Aldo. For those of you who don’t know, after Dillashaw destroyed Renan Barao, he may have made a mistake. Dillashaw and striking coach Duane Ludwig put down Barao’s name on a seminar signup sheet and posted it on twitter. It was a joke that was meant to show that Ludwig’s Muy Thai is better than whoever taught Barao and that Barao should take lessons. The tweet was later removed, but the damage has been done. Instead of Barao saying something, Aldo did.

If I were Team Alpha Male, I would be a little nervous about this. Chad Mendes had a great chance at dethroning Aldo in their meeting on Aug. 2 at UFC 176 up until now. But I can’t help but think that the boys over at Team Alpha Male just woke a sleeping bear, and that bear does not like to get up early. Aldo was a killer in the WEC days, and while he has been dominant in the UFC, he has not been finishing guys the way he used to.

I think that this joke may have awakened the Aldo who used to patrol the WEC cage like a man possessed — a man who used to scream when he punched someone in the face. I want this Aldo to return so we can finally put together some seriously exciting fights for him. Wouldn’t it be weird if a dig on a friend finally set the killer loose? Meh, crazier things have happened, like what Aldo is going to do to Mendes. Pay attention, folks; things are going to get very interesting.

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