Video of Mike Lee’s Epic Knockout of Peter Lewison Finally Released

By RantSports Staff

It’s been almost two months since Mike Lee’s epic knockout win over Peter Lewison, but we’re just now seeing the awesome highlight video of the fight, which includes Lee’s connection with his right hand to end it. There was a lot of hype heading into this fight as Lewison talked a lot of trash beforehand and the two fighters even had to be separated at the weigh-in.

You’ll see in the last of the six rounds that Lee starts to move quicker than Lewison after landing some punches and after his counterpart started to fatigue. Lee showed incredible heart and good form down the stretch as he didn’t waver or let up when Lewison’s performance started to decline.

If you missed this fight live back in April, the video above pretty much tells the story of how Lee became more and more dominant as the fight went on.

But man, the knockout at the end was utterly epic. Lewison’s face and body once Lee landed that final blow was like something out of a movie.

Lee, a former Notre Dame football player, is now 12-0 with seven knockouts after this TKO over Lewison. It’s safe to say we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this in the near future.

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