A Mentally Prepared Rory MacDonald is a Scary Thing

By Kevin Davidson
Rory MacDonald
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I know that the world kind of likes to give Rory MacDonald a hard time. I mean, apart from the fact that he looks, and kind of acts, like a serial killer. He is an exquisite dresser, never really smiles much but always looks interested, and answers most questions with little to no emotion. It is quite unsettling. Luckily, in a sport like fighting, none of that really matters. In fighting, I am interested if you can fight, and last night against Tyron Woodley, MacDonald came to fight.

The rumblings about this kid have always been huge. Many fans and professionals truly believe that MacDonald is going to wear the strap at one point or another. I have to agree with them, but the only thing that worries me is that on some fights, MacDonald does not mentally show up. Robbie Lawler came into his fight with MacDonald extremely fired up, and MacDonald looked a little intimated and then got beat up for fifteen minutes. MacDonald also lost focus against Carlos Condit, and Condit was able to scrape together a third round rally and stole the fight. It would seem that guys who really take the fight to MacDonald usually end up winning.

The scary part about MacDonald is, if he can shut a guy down in the first round, then he is going to win the fight. It is obvious that once Macdonald truly believes in himself, he can shut down any fighter. He did it perfectly against Woodley and that is because he was fired up for this fight and knew he could win. Macdonald needs to do this for every fight moving forward. If he can get the mental part of the fight game down, then that strap is pretty much as good as his.

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