Lyoto Machida Should Scare Chris Weidman

By Kevin Davidson
Lyoto Machida
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Usually when I hear fights announced I get seriously excited. If it’s a great fight, it’s like getting a new gift. I should stress the word “usually,” because when I hear that Lyoto Machida is fighting I get really nervous. For the other guy, of course; not for Machida. That dude is going to be fine. We are lucky to see a guy like Machida compete. He is the UFC’s most unorthodox fighter and what he does in the Octagon is pure art — bloody, fast, and extremely violent art. Chris Weidman should be extremely worried about this fight.

It must be a humorous thing to think that Weidman should be afraid of Machida. Weidman did, after all, dethrone the king, Anderson Silva. He knocked him out cold once, and was well on his way to doing it again a second time when a freak injury happened. But Silva’s style is nowhere near Machida’s. Also, Machida walks around with this insane aura about him, like he’s almost untouchable. Once his opponent buys into that aura, the fight might as well already be over.

Now, the only reason that I doubt Weidman in this fight is because Weidman is still very largely untested. Yes, he killed the king, but I personally believe that this is his first true test. Machida is unlike any fighter that he has ever fought, or probably will fight. In the fight game, that is scary, and the smart thing is for Weidman to be afraid. Hopefully, if Weidman is afraid, he will train harder and rise to this test set before him.

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