Ben Henderson Proves He Fights Anyone By Battling Rafael dos Anjos

By Kevin Davidson
Ben Henderson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the things that legitimately made me angry about the flack against Ben Henderson was the way that fans thought he wasn’t that good. Number one, the guy was champion of what I believe is the toughest weight class in the UFC, thus making it the toughest weight class in all of mixed martial arts. After you are done reading this, honestly, go look at the top-ten and see what I mean.

Anyway, Henderson did squeak out decision after decision, but it was against a murder’s row. He is also a berserk fighter; he is calm and calculated. The other thing that made me angry was that Henderson never turned down a fight. Gilbert Melendez? Let’s go! Nate Diaz? Done. Some dude no one else wants to fight? He will. Now he needs to fight Rafael dos Anjos. Bring it on.

Dos Anjos has been on a sprint to the top of the ladder lately, and that sprint has brought him right into the arms of a waiting Henderson. It’s a bad move by Dos Anjos.

Dos Anjos is a terrific fighter. The guy is a striking specialist and has had amazing performances against Donald Cerrone and Jason High. The only problem is, whatever he can do, Henderson can do better. I’m not saying that this will be a cakewalk for Henderson; it is probably the most dangerous fight of his career. If you look at it, Henderson is the No. 1 contender and that is a fact. He could probably demand a high-profile fight and get it. Instead, he is doing whatever the UFC is asking of him. Henderson is willing to fight until the UFC can’t ignore him any longer. This is his best bet of getting another title shot and, maybe even more importantly, gaining more fans.

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