Frank Mir Should Get One More Fight

By Kevin Davidson
Frank Mir
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Mir has had an historic career with the UFC. He was one of the first Heavyweights to really bring grappling to the Octagon, he broke Tim Sylvia’s arm, and oh, he had those amazing battles with Minotauro Nogueira. Wait, he broke Noguerira’s arm too. Yeah, Mir kind of liked to take people’s limbs home. As of late, though, Mir has fallen on tough times. He has lost four fights in a row; while all of those fights have been to top-ten Heavyweights, it is not a great sign at all. Especially after his last loss, to Alistair Overeem, many fans were calling for his retirement.

I think that retirement talks are a little too early. Granted, he has taken a ton of punishment in his last four fights and that last outing was probably the poorest showing of his career, but I think Mir still has enough left in the tank to get one more fight. Usually, in the UFC, if a fighter loses three times in a row that fighter is handed a pink slip and asked to go get some wins somewhere else. Only in very special cases are fighters still with the organization after three, and Mir finds himself in that position.

Clearly, the UFC likes Mir enough to keep him around. They should — like I said above, the guy is a huge staple in the UFC’s Heavyweight history. Also, the Heavyweight division is probably the UFC’s shallowest division. Having a heavyweight with a name like Mir’s around is always a good thing. I think that UFC should give Mir one more fight and then make a decision regarding his future.

Give him one more chance to break some giant’s arm.

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