UFC: Josh Barnett vs. Junior dos Santos a Fight Worth Seeing

By Kevin Davidson
Josh Barnett
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Barnett has turned out to be one of my favorite fighters of all time. I know I’m in that wagon with a bunch of other people, but you have to admire a pudgy pasty dude who goes into a fight, takes a monster of a man down and squeezes his leg until it either breaks or makes the said monster of a man cry “uncle”. I don’t care who you are — that’s dope.

Yes, I am trying to bring the word “dope” back too, so I recommend everyone hop on board so I don’t look like a complete moron. Also, one would be hard pressed to find a nicer guy in the mixed martial arts world than former champion Junior dos Santos. He is like the bodyguard everyone wanted — a legitimate nice guy built of marble, but a killer when he is in competition. You remember that wheel kick against Mark Hunt? He doesn’t. Enough said.

The cliche in mixed martial arts is that style makes fights, so what happens when you get a ground specialist against a striker? History has proven that the ground specialist has the advantage, but I think that that was 20 years ago and the game has changed since then. Now everyone is well-rounded, so I personally think that dos Santos can hang with Barnett on the ground and I think Barnett can hang on the feet with dos Santos. That makes for a firework spectacle — on paper at least.

While this fight seems like dynamite, it also works because it simply makes sense. Both of these guys are capable of beating anyone in the Heavyweight division on any given night. That is a fact that the fans need to be reminded of. I think, in both of their latest losses, for some reason they took a step back in people’s minds. Let’s get both of these guys back in full form and show the naysayers that there is plenty of fight left in both of them.

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