Can Chris Weidman Beat Lyoto Machida's Mental Game?

By Kevin Davidson
Lyoto Machida
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The first time that I was honestly afraid of Lyoto Machida was right after Jon Jones choked him out cold. I know that sounds a little strange but let me explain. Many of you who saw that fight saw a hesitant Jones in the first round. Machida was dictating the fight and landed some serious shots on Jones. At the press conference after the fight, Jones said he was seriously intimated by Machida. Jones said that he has a certain aura about him and it really freaked him out. I always knew that Machida was intense but I never knew the word for it until Jones said it: Machida has an unbreakable aura.

It’s not an aura of a big strong guy; it is the aura of a man who is mentally tough. Machida gets in the Octagon and you can just tell it is nothing but straight business from here on out, like it just got real. To me, that is terrifying. I am extremely interested to see how Chris Weidman is going to react to this. I mean, Weidman refused to be intimated by Anderson Silva, which is a monumental feat by itself. But, I think that Machida is a more questionable opponent.

One knew what to expect when fighting Silva. Machida is a question mark. Every time he comes into the Octagon he does something different and he is not afraid to fight defensively so he can drag you into later rounds. The man doesn’t worry about getting into his opponents head, because he is too worried about preparing himself. Weidman had better steady himself in the first round of their fight, because it could be a long one. I do believe that Weidman can beat Machida’s mental game, I’m just not sure how.

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