Cub Swanson Not the Right Fight For Chan Sung Jung

By Kevin Davidson
Chan Sung Jung
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The zombie is coming — at least we can all hope. Right now, the Featherweight division is a shark tank. The top-five guys in the division are all animals and have been putting on incredible performance after incredible performance. There was a pivotal clash last night against Cub Swanson and Jeremy Stephens. While I thought that the fight kind of failed to live up to expectations, Swanson put on a great performance and showed that he can go hard for five rounds. This was an important part of his fight game that has yet to be seen by the public, so it was great to actually see it proven by Swanson.

Right after the fight, though, a surprise happened. Chan Sung Jung (aka the Korean Zombie and aka one of my favorite fighters of all time), a man who has been nursing injuries and been missing from the Octagon for a while, shot Swanson a tweet. It was simple and to the point and made my hairs stand up: Fight me. Snap.

So the Korean zombie is back and his is trying to pick a fight. That’s great news, but I don’t think that Swanson is the fight for him. In my opinion, Swanson has done more than enough to earn a shot at the title, so let’s give it to him. I do think that a fight with Ricardo Lamas would be a solid fight for both guys and would skyrocket the winner into a title contention position. That’s just me, but I do have to say that I think the Featherweight division is the most exciting in the UFC. And with the Korean Zombie coming back, it just makes it that much more interesting.

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