Chris Weidman Proves He is a Champion

By Kevin Davidson
Chris Weidman
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 175 was one for the books. It had two amazing knockouts, one perfect submission, and a title fight that went the distance in which neither man embarrassed himself. Chris Weidman went into his title fight against Lyoto Machida saying that this would be the toughest fight of his career. Despite the fact that he defeated Anderson Silva twice, I believed him.

Machida is an enigma. He is elusive, powerful, fast, and desperately wants to win the title. He has also fought five round fights before and knows how to train for them, what to expect, etc. Weidman has never been in a true five round fight until last night. Machida was able to drag Weidman into the deep end and almost pulled off a victory, but it was too little too late. Weidman survived the fight and was able to retain his belt.

This was the best case scenario for Weidman. He defeated a legitimate threat, and proved to everyone that he can survive on will and heart alone. He also now has a five round fight under his belt, which I’m sure is only going to add to his confidence. Weidman was also brought down to a human level. He got seriously tagged by Machida a couple of times, and was hurt very badly in the third and fifth round. It is important to get hurt and come back stronger because it lets the fans know that you are human, you will be tried, and you can surpass it. It was a fantastic defense for Weidman and gave him a wealth of experience that he did not have before. If he is able to transfer that experience into his next fight camp, his next fight should be a great one.

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