UFC 175 Results: Ronda Rousey is Officially Untouchable

By McKinley Noble
UFC 175 Ronda Rousey
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA Today Sports

There’s no more question about it — UFC champion Ronda Rousey is the most dominant female fighter ever.

Not only did her UFC 175 title fight with Alexis Davis end in quick fashion, but “Rowdy” didn’t even need her trademark armbar submission. For the second fight in a row, Rousey beat down her challenger with fast, powerful strikes, whipping Davis to the ground and landing roughly 10 unguarded punches to the face in a ruthless, flawless sequence.

At just 16 seconds, it’s one of the fastest fights in UFC history, let alone UFC title fights.

That’s the kind of performance you can only expect from the greatest MMA fighters in the world, and Rousey can’t be denied that status by even the worst of her detractors.

Remember, Davis was supposed to have an edge in the one area where Rousey was strongest — the grappling department. Unfortunately for the challenger, even a pair of black belts in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu didn’t amount to much in the face of Rousey’s amazing athletic talent and killer instinct. At this point, it’s arguable that the UFC simply doesn’t have a single fighter in the women’s division who presents any kind of threat.

So, what next?

Although fans and media are still hoping for a “superfight” against former Strikeforce headliner and current Invicta FC champion Cris Cyborg, that’s as unlikely as ever judging by immediate reactions from UFC president Dana White.

Right now, the biggest fights to make for Rousey are the same as before — Gina Carano and pound-for-pound boxing-champion-turned-MMA-prospect Holly Holm. But while both athletes are embroiled in contract talks with Zuffa and UFC brass, Rousey’s free to take a break, hone her craft and dismantle anyone else the UFC puts in front of her. Unless something drastic changes the tide — knee surgery, random injuries or even an early retirement — Rousey remains in a class all her own.

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