With Jose Aldo Injured, Who Will Fight Chad Mendes?

By Kevin Davidson
Chad Mendes
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In an absolute crusher, Jose Aldo is injured and has pulled out of his title fight with Chad Mendes that was scheduled for UFC 176. Somewhere, the devil is laughing hysterically and Team Alpha Male all put their shirts back on for their challenger-less friend. This was a fight that fight fans were really gunning to see. Mendes has looked absolutely unstoppable in his last four fights and many were saying that Aldo might not walk out of this one with the belt around his waist. Aldo fans, of course, wanted to see another great knockout, and others just want to tune in because if the king falls, they want to see it.

Now, the real question is, will Mendes stay on the card with a new opponent? Or, will they pull him and move his bout with Aldo to another card? Let’s have some fun with this and say that Mendes gets another fight. Who would it be? Out of the only fighters that aren’t scheduled, I could see Dustin Poirier taking this fight, Depending on whether or not he’s in fighting shape. It would be a huge fight for Poirier, and a tough one to boot, but it could skyrocket him up the rankings. Other than that, everyone is either booked, injured, or makes no sense. However, there could be come wild cards coming into play.

If Frankie Edgar escapes this weekend unharmed I would love to see him fight Mendes. The same goes for BJ Penn. While this would be great, it is farfetched to say the least. There just isn’t enough time for Mendes to get a decent opponent, so it would seem that it is Poirier or no one.

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