Chad Mendes Has Awoken A Monster in Jose Aldo

By Kevin Davidson
Jose Aldo
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo has been the kingpin of the Featherweight division. He has absolutely destroyed every opponent that the UFC has put in front of him, save for Frankie Edgar, but I won’t fault him for that because, well, it is Edgar and no one destroys that guy. As good as he is, he has yet to break through as a star in the UFC. One of the reasons that he has not become a star yet is because he has failed to really show any personality in front of the cameras. Aldo likes to show up, fight and then go back to training. He isn’t exactly excited in interviews and rarely has a bad word to say about his opponents. That is, until now.

Chad Mendes has been doing a lot of talking about Aldo. I guess that Team Alpha Male is still riding high after finally getting a championship belt, and now Mendes thinks that he is going to bring a second belt back. Unfortunately, he angered Aldo — a lot. Aldo recently penned an open letter to Mendes detailing what it takes to be a champion. It was eloquent, forceful and it felt angry.

I can’t help but think that Mendes has finally poked the bear and he is not going to like what happens. We have never really seen Aldo fired up. He likes to remain calm, so this could either really hurt him or turn him back into a killer. We won’t know until fight night, but I can guarantee you that Dana White is smiling because drama equals money in the UFC. Aldo has always refused to play the drama game, but something about Mendes has finally set him off. I have a feeling that a lot more people are going to be asking about Aldo in the coming months.

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