The UFC is Gambling with Conor McGregor

By Kevin Davidson
Conor McGregor
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The last time a man with two wins in the UFC headlined a fight card, well, I really have no idea when that happened. It is happening this Saturday, though, as Conor McGregor headlines the Fight Night card against Diego Brandao. The UFC has pushed all of their promotion down onto McGregor’s shoulders and are, in my opinion, rolling the dice a little too much.

Dana White has a man crush on McGregor. That is just a simple fact. White looks at him and sees dollar signs. He sees that because McGregor holds the key to the UFC’s expansion into Ireland, a country that the UFC has yet to gain a foothold in. You would think that with the UFC putting so much pressure on one single fighter it would make the person crack, but McGregor has done the exact opposite. He has thrived under this pressure and is really bringing the sport to his home country. However, it could all fall away in an instant if McGregor does not beat Brandao. This could very well happen.

Brandao is a serious fighter. He has a lot of power in his hands, is a ferocious first-round fighter and has a very slick ground game. The only problem in his past fights is his cardio. After the first round, Brandao starts to fade really fast. McGregor, on the other hand, has a fantastic gas tank and could wear Brandao down over the course of the fight and get a late finish. I doubt that will happen as McGregor wants to put on a show, which means that Brandao has five minutes to win this fight. This fight will be decided in the first round, so do not blink.

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