UFC: Cub Swanson Wants Title Shot, Not Frankie Edgar

By Kevin Davidson
Cub Swanson
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprise to no one really, Frankie Edgar absolutely mauled BJ Penn in the conclusion of their trilogy. It was actually kind of sad, just to see Penn get absolutely slaughtered. Here was a guy, who at one time and for a long time, was the killer of the Lightweight division. He made Joe Stevenson cry! He made a grown man cry. That same guy was beat up badly on Sunday, and that kind of stinks. But, the mixed martial arts game is a tough one, and their always has to be a winner, which brings us to Edgar.

Edgar proved that he still has the fire after one year away from the Octagon. Not only does he still have it, he looked better than we have ever seen him. He finished a legend, which means that he deserves a bigger fight. Edgar has an opponent in mind; Cub Swanson. Swanson, according to him, was promised a title shot after his last win. When Edgar told the press that he wants Swanson next, Swanson basically said that he wants a title shot.

I can’t blame Swanson for doing this. The man is on a six fight unbeaten streak and has faced some tough competition. In his eyes, and in the fans eyes, a fight against Edgar is an extremely risky one. I think if these two did square off, Edgar would get the win. I doubt Swanson thinks that but he knows that he is putting his title shot on the line if he fights Edgar, and right now that seems like an unnecessary risk. I, personally, want to see this fight, and hope that Dana White can make it happen.

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