UFC Fight Night 45: Jim Miller vs. Donald Cerrone Could Go Either Way

By Kevin Davidson
Jim Miller
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Fight fans everywhere are in for a treat this Wednesday. In a Lightweight main event, Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller are going to meet in a potential five round battle.

This one will be absolutely nuts and my hopes are absolutely sky high that this will be a phenomenal fight. Cerrone is coming off an entertaining win over Edson Barboza, while Miller was able to submit Yancy Medeiros.

The fun part about this fight is I have no idea how this should play out. Miller’s striking is finally starting to come around and has been improving every fight. Cerrone’s bread and butter is his standup game. He loves to use kicks and straight jabs while Miller is quickly falling in love with standing elbows to the head and hook shots to the body. If this plays out on the feet, it could be very entertaining and could literally go either way.

The other huge question mark is the ground game. Both Miller and Cerrone have no fear of fighting off of their back and will look for submissions at every opportunity. The only difference being that Cerrone usually hurts his opponent on the feet and then submits them, whereas Miller will go for a submission at the blink of an eye and try to catch his opponent off guard.

In terms of ranking, a loss would not be devastating to either fighter. Both of these guys are adored by fight fans for their heart and ability to make any fight exciting. A win for either fighter will obviously bring the winner one fight closer to a title shot and maybe a bigger fight but nothing that will break the bank. Since I am such a big fan of both of these fighters, this fight will be bitter sweet. Although the end will be a little sad, the fight itself should be outstanding.

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