Chris Weidman Should Not Fight Vitor Belfort in Brazil

By Kevin Davidson
Chris Weidman
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years, I have grown into quite the Chris Weidman fan. Honestly, how could you not? The guy seems down to earth, doesn’t talk trash, oh, and he killed the king of mixed martial arts, Anderson Silva. That was awesome. Not only that, but then he makes his first legitimate title defense against Lyoto Machida. The scariest man on the plant, in my opinion, and wins the fight.

It was a great fight for Weidman because he weathered the storm, kept his cool and landed some decent shots also. Now with Machida out of the way, Vitor Belfort wants his title shot. Dana White is apparently cool with that idea and Belfort is now pushing for the fight to be in Brazil. Chris, I’m begging you not to fight in Brazil.

Without getting into too many details, we can all say that Belfort has been caught doping. You know what country has an extremely weak commission that doesn’t do a great job of testing fighters for banned substances? Brazil. Is this a coincidence? No way. I understand that Belfort is trying to push the angle that he wants to fight in front of his home county and all that jazz. He also knows that the odds of him getting caught taking banned substances will be significantly lower.

If I were Weidman, I would agree to fight Belfort in Brazil on one condition: Belfort submits to Olympic-style testing. It is not unfair to be questionable about what Belfort is taking, the past speaks for itself. In a sport as physical as this, the fighters should be clean to keep the contest as fair as possible. I hope Weidman does this, or maybe White will be hip to what is going on and say something. And pigs might fly also.

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