Donald Cerrone Deserves UFC Fighter of the Year

By Kevin Davidson
Donald Cerrone
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Fighter Donald Cerrone made a gigantic leap from the WEC to the UFC. When he first crossed over, he gained fans by taking short-notice fights and impressing fans with his striking acumen as well as his brash interview skills. Put simply, the dude just wanted to fight. The fans loved him for it. He fell on hard times after getting whipped by Nate Diaz, but then proclaimed that 2014 would be the year for Cerrone. So far, the guy is more than right.

The 2014 campaign has been an astonishing accomplishment for Cerrone already. Since the beginning of the year, he has fought an amazing three times, and has recorded a finish in every performance. His most impressive victory has to be against his latest opponent, perennial top-10 lightweight Jim Miller. I am a massive Miller fan, so watching this fight made me a little sad. Miller tried to do everything to get to the inside of Cerrone, but he just couldn’t. Cerrone used great jabs and shot knees right up the middle every time Miller would try to rush in. He finally finished Miller with an amazing head kick. It was brutal, but a serious message was established. This was the year of Cerrone.

The crazy thing about all of this is that Cerrone has no idea where he is going. He just simply wants to fight. He hasn’t called out anyone and doesn’t show any sign of starting. If someone is hurt, he will fight; if the UFC needed him to fight tomorrow, he would. Can he possibly reach a title shot this way? You bet he could. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one come his way sooner rather than later. Take a bow, Cerrone. You’ve been killing it and I hope you keep it up.

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