Give Conor McGregor Frankie Edgar Next

By Kevin Davidson
Conor McGregor
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

You want a fight, Conor McGregor? I got a matchup for you, but I doubt that you would like it. How does Frankie Edgar sound? Yesterday, it was made painfully clear that McGregor should be a top-10 featherweight. Not only that, but the guy can single-handedly sellout an event. Despite the fact that I don’t like McGregor, I have to give credit where credit is due: he did a great job yesterday. Not only did he finish Diego Brandao in the first round, but he did it while being aggressive and carrying an entire event on his back. It must have been a colossal amount of pressure on his shoulders and he came through victorious. So, congratulations, McGregor.

In mixed martial arts, when you perform well, you a rewarded by getting a harder fight. Seeing as everyone in the division is pretty much booked, and the fact that McGregor needs a top-10 opponent, there is only way true choice to give him. That person is Edgar.

Edgar is kind of stuck in the division after he just destroyed B.J. Penn, and he is still ranked incredibly high. McGregor is a star and the UFC will want to bank on him immediately, either way, the UFC will make out well in the fight. If McGregor beats Edgar, great, he now gets a title shot and the UFC has a massive star. If he loses to Edgar, great, now the UFC can take its time in building him up and still have a star on their hands. This fight will also bring Edgar back into the picture and the UFC could have a rematch between him and Jose Aldo. This fight makes sense, so let us hope that Sean Shelby sets it up.

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