Ian McCall Shows Improvement Against Brad Pickett

By Kevin Davidson
Ian McCall vs. Ilrade Santos
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

At UFC Fight Night in Dublin, Conor McGregor fulfilled his promise of making mixed martial arts the biggest sport in Ireland. The crowd was unbelievable, the fights were exciting and fortunes changed for a couple of athletes. One of the fights that flew under the radar was Ian McCall versus Brad Pickett. Both of these guys are a serious force in a rather shallow flyweight division, so this fight had some title shot implications also. I personally picked Pickett to win the fight due to his size and power. Boy, was I wrong.

McCall came in and absolutely put on a show. His speed was the key to winning the fight, and it frustrated Pickett for the duration of the bout. McCall was able to get off some shots then slip away before Pickett could even get a swing in. While the speed was the defining detail in the bout, it was McCall’s wrestling that was really impressive. Pickett is a fantastic wrestler and rarely uses it defensively; along with him being the bigger and stronger opponent, I thought that Pickett would easily take McCall down. Again, I was extremely wrong. McCall showed fantastic defense and even took Pickett down a couple of time.

Since Pickett is a pretty big name, this one was a huge win for McCall. Is he title-shot ready? No, not yet. McCall should get a big name next for a No. 1 contender’s bout. With his wrestling, and improved speed and striking, it would not be crazy to think that he could be the champion.

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