UFC Contender Daniel Cormier at 185 Pounds is Crazy Talk

By McKinley Noble
UFC Daniel Cormier
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Results vary any time an MMA fighter moves to a new division, but UFC star Daniel Cormier has looked amazing at 205 pounds. Depending on the fallout of his knee surgery, he just might rule the division one day.

But as famed UFC nutritionist and life coach Mike Dolce tells MMA Junkie, he thinks that Cormier could go all the way to middleweight:

“I think if [Cormier] keeps living the lifestyle that he keeps now, takes more of my advice (and) a closer approach with me to help him modify that, if he wants to, he’ll be able to weigh in at 185 (pounds) to compete very close to what he competes at as a light heavyweight.

“He would gain strength, he would gain speed, and he would gain durability. Look at the photos of him when he weighed in at 205 (pounds). Look at that body, and you can see he’s not nearly as ripped as he could be. Where you don’t see the definition, all that is additional weight that’s non-functional. So we can get rid of that, get him very close, and that’s even before the dehydration sets in.”

While that kind of confidence in Cormier is fine, it’s also a completely ridiculous idea. Dolce himself admitted that Cormier would need a lot of time to drop to 185 pounds, but the reality is, he doesn’t really have any need to exercise that option yet. Defeating Dan Henderson vaulted Cormier right to into title contention, and with enough patience, he’ll eventually get a crack at Jon Jones. That’s where the big money fight is, especially now that Anderson Silva is out of the picture (for now).

Besides, as phenomenal an athlete as Cormier is right now, the old adage has held true that MMA is a young man’s game. Cormier has the benefit of his own stellar talents and the thin quality of the heavyweight division for his current world ranking, but he’s still 35 years old with a record of health problems due to weight cutting.

Asking him to go from 230-plus pounds to 185 seems dangerous at worst, and unnecessary at best. It’s also fair to keep in mind that Mike Dolce — a professional who makes his living off weight management — would want to advertise the idea of Cormier at middleweight. How long could he maintain that weight? How can he be sure that Cormier’s speed, power or reflexes would hold up?

All things considered, it’s crazy talk. Daniel Cormier’s biggest fight is with Jon Jones, and it would be silly to give that up.

Not only is Cormier already doing some remarkable work at light heavyweight, there are plenty of fights for him in that division regardless of any future title fight. Hopefully he doesn’t give much thought to another dramatic weight shift just yet.

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