UFC Champ Jon Jones' Use of his Daughter to Hype Fight Is Questionable

By Jay Anderson
Jon Jones lands punch at UFC 165 during epic clas with Alexander Gustafsson
Getty Images

When news broke that Dana White called Daniel Cormier on the night of his light heavyweight title fight with Jon Jones, he posted to Twitter that he could hear Cormier’s daughter yelling in the background that her Daddy was going to be the champion.

That was cute.

Jon Jones using his daughter in a video posted to his Instagram account to hype the fight and send a message to Daniel Cormier is not, however.

DC, my Dad’s going to beat you up. Guaranteed.

That was the message she had in the video, and Jones paired it with a private Twitter message aimed at Cormier as well, reading:

I hope you’re ready to come to daddy.

It’s a short clip of a sweet little girl who has almost certainly been put up to the task by her father. It’s not at all a cool thing to do. I’m sure it seemed like a cute idea at the time, but it’s one of those moments where you need to sit back and think before you post something. Do children need to get involved in their parent’s business this way? Especially in the fight game? It reeks of questionable parenting skills. Really, are we to believe that a six-year-old, of her own accord, decided to record this video and deliver it to her father’s upcoming opponent? Do we actually believe that she refers to Daniel Cormier as “DC” all on her own?

No, she had the camera put in front of her and was prompted to say something.

Picture a CEO pursuing a hostile takeover of a rival posting a video with his daughter telling the competition that “we’re coming to get you” and now consider if this is appropriate.

It’s questionable at best, and shows that, yet again, Jon Jones has a lot of maturing to do. Martial arts is about respect, not leading a kid to say “my daddy is going to beat you up.” Leave the kids out of it. Keep the message about, and from, the fighters.

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