Clay Guida Will Never Fight For a Title

By Kevin Davidson
Clay Guida
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It was fun while it lasted, that’s for sure, but for some reason, Clay Guida has never been able to get that huge win under his belt. He has fought some of the biggest names that the UFC has to offer and come up short every time. To me, I find that somehow utterly sad but also funny. The guy grinds out wins against some decent competition, puts on exciting performances and then drops the ball when it comes to the big fights. It is like a Greek tragedy with Guida, and sometimes it hurts to be his fan; which is why it pains me to say that Guida will never fight for the title.

In his fight last night, Guida was manhandled by a red-hot Dennis Bermudez. Bermudez was on his game and ran the fight from beginning to end. It was like Guida had never experienced a fighter like Bermudez. During the fight it occurred to me that Guida has one major flaw. He has no way of adapting if he is losing the fight. Every great fighter can somehow find a way to win, whether it comes to their grappling, striking or just putting on a crazy pace. Every great fighter has an ace in the hole. Guida simply doesn’t have that.

Guida tends to rely on his wrestling. When that doesn’t work he tries to wrestle even more. His striking has never been that great and he lacks knockdown power. Where does that get him? Well, right where he is ranked just outside the top-ten. That kind of stinks, because I’m sure Guida trains his butt off just to be there. But the fight game is a cruel business, and without the ability to adapt, he will never fight for a title.

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