Dennis Bermudez Deserves Top-5 Opponent After Dismantling Clay Guida

By Kevin Davidson
Dennis Bermudez
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Dennis Bermudez is on a tear right now in the most-talent rich division in the UFC. A seven-fight win streak is nothing to scoff at, especially when he just added a name like Clay Guida to the list. Guida has been one of the toughest guys that the UFC has ever seen. He has a chin made of iron and a will that won’t break. Bermudez absolutely dominated him. Bermudez was able to fend off every take down attempt that Guida tried and was able to term him apart on the feet.

This win for Bermudez calls for a top-five opponent, and with his win streak, this fight could really gain some traction. So who should his opponent be? I’m thinking Frankie Edgar. Even though Edgar is probably a bit out of his league, it would be an amazing fight. With Bermudez’s win over Guida, Bermudez has instantly established himself as a top-ten guy. Edgar is now without a partner and looking to get back to action fast. It would make sense to match them up. Both are extremely talented wrestlers who have great boxing. I would give the edge in power to Bermudez, but Edgar clearly has the experience and the heart.

This fight could also set up the next title-challenger, although as long as there is a man named Conor McGregor, I doubt anyone is getting a title shot soon. Jose Aldo is injured and Chad Mendes was promised a title shot. A fight between Edgar and Bermudez could really thin the crowd when it comes to top contenders, and it would also give the mixed martial arts community a great scrap to watch.

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