Josh Thomson Gambled Big and Lost vs. Bobby Green

By Kevin Davidson
Josh Thomson
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Thomson accepted a fight with Bobby Green on short notice. Green was outside of the top-ten and Thomson was arguably a top-five Lightweight. It was a high risk-low, low-reward fight, but being a professional fighter, he was confident that he could pull the win off. Turns out he didn’t, and that is probably the worst thing that could have happened to him.

Not too long ago, Thomson was knocking on the door of a title shot. He then lost to Ben Henderson in a pretty boring fight, and now he’s dropped a split-decision to Green. The biggest problem about his loss to Green was that it was a boring fight. Green talked to Thomson the whole fight and that is what everyone is talking about. So what does this loss mean? Well, I guess that it could be a crossroads. Yup, I said crossroads. Dropping two in a row is never a good thing for any fighter, but for a guy who is ranked in the top-ten, it is absolutely detrimental. The criticisms will come, the questions of retirement will be in the air and Thomson will definitely be accused of “losing the fire”.

Thomson needs to accept that what happened happened. He needs to go back and figure out a way to jump-start his career again. Whether that means dropping a weight class, starting to talk trash or whatever. But I highly recommend that he does something and fast because he lost a biggie. This was a fight that he was also supposed to win, just to remind you again. I have no doubt that he will bounce back, but I am not quite sure how.

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