Miguel Cotto Would Be Crazy To Take A Fight With Gennady Golovkin

By Craig Pearson
Gennady Golovkin celebrates his win over Daniel Geale
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After Gennady Golovkin‘s impressive knockout victory over Daniel Geale, talk has already turned to who Golovkin will fight next. Or not so much who he will decide to fight next, but rather who will actually willingly take on the formidable challenge of a fight with ”GGG.”

In his post-fight interview, Golovkin called upon all of his current fellow champions in the middleweight division to accept a unification fight with him, which, you would assume, will be a challenge destined to go unaccepted. The three other champions in the division are currently WBO champion Peter Quillin, IBF champion Sam Soliman and Puerto Rican legend, and current WBC champion, Miguel Cotto.

Of those names, Cotto is by far the biggest fight, and the one which would enhance Golovkin’s reputation, credibility and legacy the most. It is a fight, however, that Cotto should absolutely not take if he is ever formally offered it. It’s not about Cotto ducking Golovkin, but it is about Cotto being realistic and smart. Golovkin is a true 160 pound middleweight, whereas Cotto is clearly not.

Cotto won his middleweight title against a small and aging 160 pounder — not to mention the injuries — in Sergio Martinez, and that win does not truly reflect where Cotto sits in the middleweight division. Golovkin is a ferocious puncher — who enjoyed his 17th knockout victory in a row last weekend — with excellent balance, footwork, quick hands and endless patience in the ring; he dissects and destroys, and usually before the final bell. Golovkin is simply too big for Cotto, and just too good to realistically give away that much size to.

Cotto himself would probably fight anybody, but he and his team around him have to be smart and realistic when it comes to fighting at 160 pounds. Even when Cotto dethroned Martinez in June, he only weighed in at 155 pounds for a fight which was made at a catchweight of 159 pounds. Cotto is clearly not a middleweight, and can only realistically fight in that division against carefully selected opponents — that’s the reality.

While he holds the WBC title, every middleweight in the world will be gunning for him because they will see him as being too small and a great payday. Cotto needs to drop the belt and remain in the junior middleweight division where he is more of a natural fit after slowly growing into that particular weight division.

Even a fight against Saul Alvarez at junior middleweight looks like it could potentially be physically too much for Cotto, with Canelo reported to rehydrate up to somewhere around 170 pounds between the weigh in and the opening bell. Cotto, on the other hand, will barely fluctuate by comparison when fighting at 154 pounds.

So fighting Golovkin at middleweight would be outright lunacy. Cotto is in a great place right now after his win over Martinez, and he has a lot of options to choose between. But when Cotto finally does decide on his next move, he would be crazy if he decides to fight Golovkin.

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