Can Gray Maynard Rebound?

By Kevin Davidson
Gray Maynard
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gray Maynard had it all at one time. He was on a very impressive winning streak and was finally set up to fight for the championship. But after Maynard punched Frankie Edgar into a different state of intelligence for the entire first round of their championship match, Edgar decided to mount one of the greatest comebacks of all time and fight to a draw. Maynard couldn’t believe it. They set the date for an immediate rematch and Edgar ended up knocking our Maynard in the contest. It was amazing for Edgar but hard to stomach for Maynard. After edging Clay Guida out, he was then viciously knocked out in back to back losses. Many think that Maynard’s time as a contender is done. I have to agree with them.

I don’t know what it was, but Maynard just does not have the chin to take shots anymore. Nate Diaz literally jabbed him into submission. It was quite strange. Not only that, but Maynard has fallen in love with his hands, which is a bad thing when you can’t take punches anymore. Half of the reason that Maynard was dominant was because he would wrestle guys in the fight — he was good at it. But then he started starching dudes and next thing you know, he is a boxer.

I hope to see Maynard go back to his roots and just get another win. If he can win his next one, who knows what could come next? About him becoming a contender though, I just don’t see it. He has shown zero improvement in his past two fights, plus a weak chin also. With the Lightweight division still being a shark tank, the level of competition is just too great.

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