Nick Diaz Has Drawing Power

By Kevin Davidson
Nick Diaz
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Diaz is back, baby! And, just to do everyone one better, the dream matchup between Diaz and Anderson Silva is signed and ready to go! The unbelievable announcement could not have come soon enough. It appears that a fight with the greatest of all time was enough to drag Diaz from retirement and get him to slap the gloves on a couple of more times. Thank God. I am a massive Diaz fan and I know that the UFC is not — they try to play it like they don’t even need Diaz in the organization. I can’t argue against that enough. The UFC needs Diaz because he attracts people.

Ask anyone what their opinion is on Diaz and I guarantee they will have one. For good or bad, they will have an opinion. And guess what? That sells. The fact that Diaz is such a polarizing figure in the sport is enough for his fans to buy the fight, and the people who hate him will also buy to try and see him lose. That is an amazing thing to have when you are a fighter.

Diaz will also speak his mind, which people seem to like. He can sometimes come off as psychotic though, like when he freaked out after beating BJ Penn because he felt like he had to play the heel. Oh, and he also threw a late shot at Georges St. Pierre. Ok, so he can come off as a lot psychotic. One thing is for sure, he is not doing it for show. If he is angry, he will tell you he is angry. It is not in the Diaz blood to tell lies or half-truths. For now, Diaz has a spot on the UFC roster, and I am psyched about it.

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