No Justification For Gina Carano's Title Shot

By Kevin Davidson
Gina Carano
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes I really despise how the UFC does business. One of my biggest gripes is when someone talks their way into a fight (except the real American hero, Chael P. Sonnen — that guy can do whatever he wants, steroids or not I will always support that man). One of the biggest problems that the UFC has is some people still do not see it as a sport. I can see why. Some people find it disturbing, gladiatorial, etc. Well, that is just because no one has ever explained the sport to them. But when someone asks me why someone is getting a title shot when she has not fought in years, I honestly have no rebuttal.

In other sports, such as Baseball and Football, teams need to win to get to the championship. There is a set group of rules that explain how one would get to a championship. Not in mixed martial arts. In mixed martial arts, it is a combination of timing, luck, and whether or not Dana White likes you. Remember when Jon Fitch had to win seven fights to fight for the title? Or what about Cub Swanson? I know it doesn’t make sense. But that is not the worst of it! There is talk that Gina Carano, if she signs with the UFC, will receive an immediate title shot.

A woman, who has not fought in years, will get a title shot because she is popular and the UFC can practically smell a million pay-per-view buys for the fight. It stinks. It doesn’t give the sport any validity at this point, and we all know full well that Ronda Rousey will destroy Carano. Seriously, the girl does not even have a puncher’s chance. I hope this doesn’t happen, just because it disgraces the other athletes that have been fighting for years trying to get a shot. Giving a shot to Carano spits in the other fighters’ faces. Don’t do it Dana. Please.

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