Gilbert Melendez Has No Answer For Anthony Pettis

By Kevin Davidson
Anthony Pettis
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

While I was sitting around the bar last night, I was talking to my friends and telling them how excited I am about this upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter — all girls, all professional fighters, and the two coaches Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez! Yes please. Then it hit me; Pettis and Melendez are going to fight. For some reason, at that exact moment, I have never been more excited for a fight in my life.

Melendez is an absolute animal. His fight with Diego Sanchez was one of the craziest fights I have ever witnessed, and he came out of that fight looking like he just went on a light jog. And Pettis? He submitted Benson Henderson in the first round after delivering some of the most devastating body kicks I have ever seen. Pettis just finishes fights — it’s what he does. Can he finish Melendez? I have no doubt. Can Melendez beat Pettis? I doubt it.

Melendez is an excellent fighter and a fighter worthy of challenging the champion. No one is going to argue that, but Melendez has a tendency to fight wild. He won’t back down from a crazy exchange and his striking can get a little sloppy. Is this something he can do with Pettis? No way. Melendez is going to have to fight defensively against Pettis, which I something that he is not good at. If Melendez just runs in there and starts fighting wildly, Pettis will catch him. I guess you could say that Melendez can out-wrestle Pettis, which is true, but that submission over Henderson showed that Pettis’ grappling is on a different level.

Any way I think of it, I just don’t see Melendez coming out on top in this. This is mixed martial arts, and anything can happen in this sport, which we have seen time and time again, but Melendez definitely has the pile stacked against him for this fight.

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