Jon Jones Turns Into The Ultimate Villian

By Kevin Davidson
Jon Jones
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In a little more than one week, Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has officially gone super villain.

I guess it all started back when he and Daniel Cormier got into a full blown fist fight at a press conference. For those of you that haven’t seen the video, I recommend checking it out. Cormier probably shouldn’t have “pushed” Jones in the face, but Jones legitimately throws a punch and the two guys crash into the banner. It was god-awful for the sport, that is for sure, and also one of the least professional things I have ever witnessed. However, it absolutely pumped me up for UFC 178.

Jones has never really been fight fans favorite fighter. It may have been because of his meteoric rise, and the fact that he ran through a who’s who of favorite fighters, annihilating every one of them.

Another reason why fans say they don’t like him is because Jones is cocky. I can see that, however, if you were in your 20s and the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world, I think you would have a bit of a strut also. What has really been rubbing people the wrong way is this tension between Cormier and himself.

Jones has been extremely vocal about his dislike for Cormier, and has used vulgarity, name-calling, intimidation tactics, and the like. This has put Jones into the ultimate super villain. Cormier is generally regarded as a nice guy and has been nothing but professional in his time with UFC and for some reason he can bring the hate out of Jones; so much so that fans are flocking to Cormier. Do the fans really hate Jones that much, or do they just want to see him get dethroned by Cormier?

Personally, I just want to see Jones get into another great fight; the cockiness is annoying, but I think it is warranted. I don’t see Jones getting out of this fight with a lot of good reviews about how he handled it. We are still a ways away from UFC 178, so I can only assume that Jones is going to get more evil as the time goes on. It should be very fun to watch.

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