Light-Heavyweight Division Needs More Stars

By Kevin Davidson
Ryan Bader
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that always confused me was when the fans would complain that the UFC was throwing too many events and because of that, some of the cards were a little lackluster in name and talent. I understand that if you are shelling out $60+ for a pay per view, you want to see the best fight ever. That makes sense to me, but these guys were complaining about the free cards on television. My take on it is that it is a free fight card and that is awesome. This upcoming card, for instance, has the main event being a fight between Ryan Bader and Ovince Saint Preux.

Bader has always been a good name, but only some fans know about Preux. This got me thinking; the Light-Heavyweight division is not what it used to be, that’s for sure, but one guy could carry a card. That dude is Rashad Evans. He was a champion, and has consistently been ranked in the top-10 of the division. Where is this guy? The UFC needs him right now to start carrying some cards. Listen, I’m not ragging on Bader here, I really like him as a fighter. Sure, he has never been a contender, but he is good enough to fight the outer edge of the top 10. Should this fight between him and Preux be a main event fight? No way.

Could a fight between Bade and Evans be a main event fight? For sure. It would actually be a good fight too. I’m sure Evans would make short work of him, but it would generate some views, that is for sure. Just bring back Evans, because this main event is weak and the Light-Heavyweight division is short on stars.

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