Ross Pearson Has A Massive Opportunity

By Kevin Davidson
Ross Pearson
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ross Pearson has just gotten the opportunity of a lifetime. With Gray Maynard’s original opponent on the rocks, Pearson has agreed to step up and fight Maynard. Besides the fact that this is a great fight, it is also a pivotal fight in each fighter’s career. Maynard’s recent troubles have been well documented, suffering vicious knockouts in his last two fights. If he is able to win this fight, it would be a step in the right direction and show the UFC brass that he still has some road to go.

Pearson, on the other hand, is coming off a loss to Diego Sanchez; however, almost everyone, except Sanchez, believes that Pearson won the fight. Even the UFC said they would treat that fight like he won it. If he is able to beat Maynard, it would probably be the biggest win of his career.

Pearson has never really had that many big fights. He has always been a prelim guy, but he is a decent fighter. After an unsuccessful stint at Featherweight, he decided to move back up to Lightweight, and that decision is seemingly paying off. He has some nice wins, but nothing that is going to shoot him into the stratosphere of contenders. This fight against Maynard, however, could be the win that Pearson needs to elevate him up the rankings. Maynard has the name, the exposure, and was a No. 1 contender. A win over him still means a lot.

I’m not saying that Pearson will beat Maynard, be top-five in the UFC, or even top-10, but it will definitely get him into a fight where he could land in those coveted rankings.

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